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This eLibrary Support Binder Initiative has gathered a portfolio of resources, forms and policies that are relevant to the delivery of paediatric therapy services across British Columbia. The portfolio was created by therapists and agencies offering items in response to a request to share ‘what is working well in their current practice’. The materials are offered in the spirit of collaboration, and are not documents that have necessarily been peer-reviewed or established as best-practice. But, they may reflect current practice, and suggestions formed from experienced clinical opinion, to be used at the discretion of therapists and administrators.

It is hoped that this collection will save therapists and organizations from having to generate all their own resources independently, and will establish a place to collect helpful resources. It is designed to be an instantly valuable site, with potential to evolve in the future.

The PPTRRC would like to sincerely thank the agencies that have stepped forward to share their valuable forms, policies, and other resources.

If you have feedback about this site, or have suggestions for further additions, please email web@therapybc.ca

Section One – Policies

This section contains generic policies related to the operation of therapy services and geared towards meeting accreditation requirements, with sections on Safety, Security and Health; Quality Assurance; Human Resources; Communication; Equipment; Employee Handbooks and examples of Early Intervention Therapy Program policy and procedure manuals.

Section Two – Forms

This section has samples of forms for Early Intervention Programs from Referral; Intake; Consents; Progress Notes; Family Service Plans (including a training presentation and planning guide); Multidisciplinary Reports; to Discharge Reports. The School-Age Therapy section has OT/PT consult templates; Functional School Screening; and Student Information Sheet. There are also sections for Program Administration; Performance Reviews and Therapy Assistants in paediatric settings.

Section Three – Resources

This section includes Standardized Assessment tools; Outcome Measures; Safe lifting from the SAT Manual (electronic version); Videos, Articles, and Websites, and a wide range of handouts for families.

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